The development of galvanized steel pipe production began in the rise of the bicycle manufacturing industry. The oil development of the early 19th century, during the two world wars, ships, boilers, aircraft manufacturing, the manufacture of boilers of thermal power after the Second World War, the development of the chemical industry and oil and gas drilling and transportation, has helped push the development of steel industry in the varieties, yield and quality. Steel pipe used not only for the transmission fluid and powdered solid, the exchange of heat, the manufacture of mechanical parts and containers, it is an economical steel. Steel pipe manufacturing building grid structure, pillars and mechanical stent can reduce weight, save the metal 20 to 40%, but industrialized mechanized construction. (Tianjin Steel Tube Company machine shop using a steel grid structure, the actual saving of steel up to 42.9%), roads and bridges with steel pipe manufacturing can not only save the steel, to simplify the construction, and can significantly reduce the area of ​​the coated layer of protection, conservation investment and maintenance costs . So, any other type of steel can not completely replace the pipe, the pipe can replace part of the profiles and bars. Steel pipe to improve the relationship between economic development and quality of human life is great, better than other steel. From people's everyday appliances, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas supply, ventilation and heating facilities to the manufacture of a variety of agricultural utensils, underground resource development, defense and aerospace, with guns, bullets, missiles, rockets and so can not be separated from the steel pipe. Precisely because of the steel pipe and of human life and production activities are inseparable, the production technology is not only of the steel pipe industry has developed rapidly, and new pipe production occupies an irreplaceable position in the steel industry.Carbon steel pipe| Steel Pipe: Classification by method of production Steel production methods can be divided into two categories: seamless steel pipe and pipe joints. (1) seamless steel pipe production methods can be divided into: hot-rolled seamless tubes, cold drawn tube, precision steel tubes, the thermal expansion of cold spinning tube and squeeze the tube. Seamless steel tubes made of high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, hot rolled, cold-rolled (drawn) of the points. Welded steel pipe welding process is divided into the stove pipe, welding (resistance welding) pipe and automatic arc welded pipe, because the welding form is divided into a straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded two, because of its side Ministry of shape is divided into a pipe of circular welded pipe and shaped (square, flat, etc.). Welded steel pipe is rolled into a tubular steel plate on the seam or spiral seam welded, manufacturing methods, are divided into low pressure liquid delivery welded steel pipe, spiral seam welded steel pipe directly welded steel pipe, welded pipe. Seamless steel pipe can be used for a variety of industries liquid pressure pipelines and gas pipelines. Welded pipes can be used for water pipelines, gas pipes, heating pipes, electrical pipes, etc.. Material classification The steel pipe materials (ie steel) can be divided into: carbon tube and alloy tube, stainless steel pipe. The carbon tube can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and quality carbon structural tube.
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