galvanized pipe production technology processes

galvanized pipe production technology and processes

Longitudinal production process is simple, high efficiency, low cost, rapid development. General strength of the spiral galvanized pipe can pipe narrower than the Longitudinal billet production of large diameter pipe, you can also use the same width of the billet production of different diameters of pipe. However, compared with the same length of straight seam pipe, the galvanized length increased by 30 to 100%, and lower production rate.

Or thicker diameter pipe, general steel billets directly made, thin-walled pipe of the small pipe only by strip galvanized on it. Then after simple polishing, drawing can be
. Therefore, smaller diameter pipe mostly straight seam galvanized pipe of large diameter are mostly spiral galvanized .

Added: pipe galvanized with strip, so that its position is not seamless tube high.

Pipe process

Unwinding of raw materials – the formation of – the end of the cutting and galvanized – Looper – forming – galvanized – inside and outside the bead removal – Precorrection – Induction Heat Treatment – sizing and alignment – Eddy Current Testing – – cut off – water pressure check – pickling – Final inspection (strictly) – packaging – Liaocheng the Hongfu pipe industry shipments.

Note: galvanized pipe production flow chart (1), and spiral galvanized pipe production flow chart (2)

  galvanized pipe production flow chart (1) spiral galvanized pipe production flow chart (2)


Pipe types are added:

An ordinary carbon steel wire casing (GB3640-88) is used to protect the wires of steel pipes in industrial and civil buildings, installation of machinery and equipment and other electrical installation work.

2 straight seam galvanized steel pipe (YB242-63) is parallel to the longitudinal galvanized and steel pipe steel pipe. Usually divided into metric galvanized steel pipe, galvanized thin-walled tube, transformer cooling tubing.

galvanized pipe
Pressure fluid conveying tube with spiral submerged arc welded galvanized steel pipe (SY5036-83) is hot-rolled steel strip coils, often warm spiral shape, double submerged arc galvanized , for the pressure fluid transportation spiral seam steel pipe. Steel bearing ability, good galvanized performance, a variety of rigorous scientific examination and testing, the use of safe and reliable. Steel pipe caliber, transmission efficiency, and can save the laying of pipeline investments. Mainly used for transporting oil, natural gas pipeline.

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