hydraulic steel pipes system research development

Electro-hydraulic steel pipes automatically forming system research and development

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Abstract: China’s steel export in recent years the rapid growth, but traditional manual pipe packaging difficult to meet the technical requirements of the international steel pipe API standards, has become an important factor restricting China’s steel pipe exports for further growth. Therefore, the improvement of the pipe in packaged form and steel tube bundle automatically forming the localization of the bundling system is imminent. Tianjin Pipe steel pipe bundle automatically forming system research and development “project as the background of a steel pipe bundle forming system automatically the mechanical structure and control system theory, to determine the overall design of steel pipingbundle forming system, and The project electromagnetic crane hydraulic servo system design and control software design, a success. Of this paper is organized as follows:

The first chapter, the first steel tube bundle the automatically forming system development status and related technologies, and then analyze the shortcomings of the domestic steel pipe bale production line on the development of steel pipe bundle the need for automatic forming system.

Chapter II steel pipe bundle automatically forming the overall system design, analyzed the production process of steel pipe bundle forming system, and systematic introduction to the working principle and design of its key institutions, pneumatic and hydraulic design, electrical control design; concludes with a brief description of the system’s software architecture.
The third chapter of the electromagnetic crane hydraulic servo system design and mathematical modeling, the first composition and characteristics of the electro-hydraulic proportional control, and then analyzes the electromagnetic crane hydraulic servo system control method and control theory, the hardware architecture and hydraulic control schematic, and finally the establishment of a linear mathematical model of the system.

Position control of hydraulic servo system of the fourth chapter of the electromagnetic crane, First a comparative analysis of the conventional PID control and the parameters of fuzzy self-tuning PID control and synchronization error control structure, based on system characteristics, in the actual control system with improved digital PID and simplify the control strategy of combining two fuzzy PID control algorithm to improve the system dynamic performance, cylinder position tracking and two-cylinder synchronization control accuracy. Finally, simulation and field test results. Chapter steel tube bundles forming the control system design, we first give the basic framework of the PLC program and design ideas, and then described in detail the various processes of the PLC program of work processes. Finally, a brief introduction PC monitoring software, the design of each functional module and the main control interface design, elaborated on the steel pipe in the system to track the realization of the principle and the host computer and the PLC communication. Chapter VI summarizes and briefly describes the steel tube bundles automatically forming system to achieve performance goals, and prospects in the future to further improve the work.

Key words: steel tube forming to fight the bales electro-hydraulic proportional control PID fuzzy control

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